Primary, middle and upper schools across Bury St Edmunds have been working together for more than a year to improve the education of our four-to-eighteen year olds, and now – as consultation on a move to two-tier education in the local area begins – we want to make our partnership stronger.

Our aim is to work together so that if reorganisation of schools is agreed through the consultation process, it can be made as smooth as possible, with teachers across our schools working closely together and keeping our focus on the progress and wellbeing of all of our children, whatever their age and background.

The Bury Schools Partnership is a group of schools working together on improving teaching, developing the curriculum, providing high quality staff training, and sharing the expertise already in our schools. Together, we have responsibility for around three thousand children aged 4-18 and we are delighted to be working in partnership to support every child.

We are involving governors from every school in this process. They will help us to make sure that we focus on what matters most – your child. In the meantime, we hope that you will feel, as we do, that the Bury Schools Partnership is the beginning of an exciting but reassuring new phase of education for Bury St Edmunds, and one which will benefit every single child.

Find out more – www.buryschoolspartnership.org.uk