We provide a broad, interesting curriculum which offers a wide range of first hand experiences to the children and includes plenty of time for development of basic skills and concepts. We aim for high standards and a really rich curriculum. Our curriculum has been updated in line with the National Curriculum September 2014.

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ENGLISH – Reading, writing and speaking and listening are key skills across the whole curriculum.  For a glossary of terms in the English curriculum select here

READING We bring reading alive through the use of ‘shared texts’ including big books, through guided reading in groups and through drama activities. We follow a structured phonics programme to directly develop phonic skills and we also develop the use of sight vocabulary, alphabet knowledge and use of the context of a story. Children take reading books or reading games home regularly. We make sure that reading is fun!  For further details on our reading and phonics schemes, select here.  In Key Stage 2 our pupils use Accelerated Reader. Here is the Parent Guide.

WRITING Children are given many opportunities to write stories, writing about their own experiences, reports, poems, news, diaries and short plays. They learn to use joined writing and use computers and laptops. Children often use small whiteboards to plan their writing.  Speaking and listening skills are developed through discussion activities, stories and drama.  These take place across all subjects.  Spelling, punctuation and grammar is taught based on the statutory requirements in the new National Curriculum.  Curriculum links are available for Grammar Years 1-6Year 1 Spellings, Year 2 Spellings, Years 3 and 4 Spellings and Years 5 and 6 Spellings.

MATHEMATICS We make sure that maths is fun, challenging and builds on prior learning! We ensure that children understand what they are doing at every step of learning. Our curriculum involves number activities, mental arithmetic, and a wide range of methods of recording calculations and results. There are many practical activities involved and children learn about shape and space, solving problems, handling data and many kinds of measures.  For further information regarding Mathematics and websites that will support your childs' learning, please follow this link. For the Bury Schools Partnership Calculation policy,  please click here.

ICT  AND COMPUTING Children use laptops and tablet computers (iPads) in class time as part of the wider curriculum, as well as being taught the specific skills of the National Curriculum for Computing. There are interactive whiteboards in each classroom and we have a wide range of computer equipment to meets children’s needs.

SCIENCE Children investigate materials, explore light and dark, build and test electrical circuits and find out about the earth and its atmosphere. Technology involves designing, making and testing materials.

HUMANITIES History and Geography for young children involves learning about their local area and finding out about history through research about their family and looking at old toys. They move on to explore places further afield and historical topics such as the gunpowder plot. In years 3 and 4 the children study specific history and geography topicsvarious periods of history and topics in geography. We bring history to life for the children by re-enacting these times, with everybody dressing in costume, and by going on visits.

RELIGIOUS EDUCATION Religious Education in this school is provided in accordance with the 1988 Education Act and with the Suffolk Agreed Syllabus. We will foster the development of attitudes and values which will promote self-respect, respect for others, a willingness to accommodate other faiths and cultures and a respect for the natural world.  We will neither promote nor discourage any particular faith outlook, but will encourage an attitude of fair-minded enquiry. Parents may, if they wish, withdraw their children from the arrangements for worship and religious education. Please ensure such requests are made to the Headteacher in writing.

CREATIVE ARTS Children have many opportunities for singing, music making using a range of instruments and drama, through lessons as well as productions at Christmas and other times of the year. The school offers a wide range of Art activities including painting, print, batik, fabric work, collage, pottery and 3D work.

FRENCH We teach French from Year 3 onwards, based on oral activities and conversation using excellent interactive ‘Rigolo’ software. 

PE AND SPORT We are very well equipped for PE.  Children take part in gymnastics, dance and games activities. Swimming is arranged for Years 2, 3 and 4. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes, providing time for tuition and individual practice of skills. A voluntary contribution of £2.00 per session is requested towards the cost of pool hire, transport and tuition.

PERSONAL SOCIAL HEALTH EDUCATION AND CITIZENSHIP Helps to give children the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead confident healthy lives and is aimed at developing them to becoming informed, responsible citizens.

PHILOSOPHY Closely linked to the PSHE curriculum, we teach Philosophy to years 1 to 4, using the Community of Enquiry approach, which is a specific methodology that aims to improve children’s thinking and investigative skills. Children think deeply about ideas in all areas of the curriculum and reflect on their own opinions and learning.

If you require further information on our curriculum, please contact Miss Bradburn at the school on 01284 755211 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .