Early Years Foundation Stage - Nursery

Our Staff Team :

Teachers :

Mrs Stephanie Maddock is the teacher in the Nursery.  .

Teaching Assistants :

Mrs Gaskin is our Early Years Practitioner.  Our teaching assistants are Mrs Mott, Mrs Albrow (in the afternoon) and Mrs Scott (provides additional cover throughout the week).


All teachers have time for Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA).  Mrs Gaskin will be covering in Nursery  at this time.

Mrs. Dade is the Early Years Leader and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo).

Our Catkins staff are Miss Allan, Mrs Mott, Mrs Scott, and Mrs Albrow.

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Weekly Update - 02.02.2018

This week we continued with our ice theme. We set the challenge of how we could rescue a polar bear trapped on an iceberg and the children thought of lots of ideas - making a bridge was a popular one. They were allowed to use any construction toys or other resources they wanted, to solve the problem. This activity helped to develop their communication and thinking skills. They also discovered a penguin trapped on the top of a cupboard that needed to be rescued! The children built a tall tower and a couple suggested they got a ladder from their Dads.

Thank you for those parents who came in on Friday to join in with our penguin songs. The children had lots of fun teaching you the words and actions.

Next week we are continuing to teach the children how to hold scissors and a hold a pencil correctly. There will also be lots of activities that develop fine motor skills as these develop the muscle strength for pencil control.

We have created an office role play corner and next week we are going to take the children to visit the school office. The children are going to look at different types of technology that are being used, for example; the entrance buzzer, telephones, printer / photocopier and computers.

Finally thank you to everyone who came to see me us at the parent consultation meetings.

We hope you all have a lovely weekend