Year 3

Class 7 and Class 8

Our Staff Team :

Teachers :

Mrs Cass teaches Class 7 Monday - Thursday and Miss Bradburn on Friday. 

Mrs Ryan teaches Class 8. 

Teaching Assistants : 

Mrs Riches is our Teaching assistant. 

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Weekly update 02.02.2018

The children enjoyed their Science lesson on Tuesday, learning all about plaque and how to clean their teeth effectively. We have some great photos of purple mouths! In the next three Science lessons we will be guiding the children through the process ‘Working Scientifically’; thinking of a question to investigate, setting up and carrying out the experiment, as well as recording it.

Next week in RE we will end our unit on Islam by considering which famous people children ‘follow’ and why. In French we will be learning the vocabulary of the days of the week. We will have a busy Art and DT afternoon, where the Arcimboldo style face collages will be started. The children will also be choosing a template of a rainforest animal to cut out of fabric ready to sew together after half term. Lots of practical skills are being practised here, which could easily be reinforced at home! For example cutting fabric, threading needles and sewing!

As this is an ambitious project, we would be extremely grateful if there were any keen volunteers who would be willing to help with the sewing part. This would be most useful on Thursday 1st March for the afternoon or for 15 minutes or so during registration times at the start of the day. Please let your child’s class teacher know if this is something you would be interested in.

On Wednesday 7th March we will be focusing on Safer Internet Day. This may be something you would like to discuss with your child at home and there are various supporting resources to be found online.

Have a good weekend,

Year 3 Team