Year 4

Classes 9 and 10

Our Staff Team :

Teachers :

Mrs Plumb teaches Class 9 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Hickey teaches Thursday and Friday.

Miss Lee teaches Class 10.

Teaching Assistants : Our Higher Level Teaching Assistant is Mrs Dalton-Brockwell who takes classes while teachers have Planning, Preparation and Assessment Time.  Our teaching assistants are Mrs Feveyear and Mrs Whitney.

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Weekly Update -08.12.2017

We have had a busy week practising our Christmas play, thank you for your help providing costumes. The play is really coming together nicely, we had several dress rehearsals this week and the children have really enjoyed having their costumes and props! We look forward to welcoming you to our performances next week.

It was good to see so many of you at our Swimming Gala. We were very proud of how the children performed and of their wonderful behaviour. We hoped you enjoyed seeing how much progress the children have made.

We have had a big focus on Science this week. The children have found out about the different types of animal skeletons and have thought about the reasons for these differences. We also looked at how our muscles work in pairs to move our skeletons and how some muscle movements are involuntary, such as blinking or breathing.

In French we learned the verbs to play, to watch and to listen. Next week we will be learning how to tell the time.

Have a great weekend and see you at our performances next week!

Year 4 Team

Please note that there will be no guitar club until after Christmas. With Mrs Gilbert absent it is impossible to do on my own! The beginner’s guitar club will start again on Tuesday 9th January 2018 and alternate Tuesdays after this date unless notified by parent mail. Please encourage your children to practise what we have learnt so far over the Christmas break.

Many thanks

Mrs Ryan