Early Years Foundation Stage – Reception

Teachers : Mrs. Dade and Mrs Gualda are the teachers in Sunshine Class. Mrs. Dade works Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Mrs Gualda Thursdays and Fridays.

Mrs Matthews and Mrs Murfet are the teachers in Rainbow Class. Mrs Matthews works Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Mrs. Murfet works Thursdays and Fridays.

Teaching Assistants : Sunshine Class: Mrs Smith.  Rainbow Class: Mrs. Deboick.  Mrs Reynolds will be supporting both classes.  Mrs Scott works in Nursery and Reception additional cover throughout the week.Mrs Murphy also provides cover throughgout the week.

All teachers have time for Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA).  Mrs Reynolds will covering  both classes at this time.

Mrs. Dade is the Early Years Leader and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCo).

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Weekly Update – 20.07.2018

We have had a rather calm week considering how tired the children (and us) are getting! They have not forgotten how to use their listening ears which has pleased us very much.

We have collected in all the children’s reading logs and reading books to pass on to year 1.

On Monday 23rd, the children will need their PE kits.

On Tuesday 24th, all children must take home all belongings including wellies and inhalers.

We’d just like to take the opportunity to thank your children and yourselves for such a fantastic year – you really are a bunch to be missed!

Have a lovely weekend and we’ll see you for the last 2 days!

Enjoy your summer break and we look forward to seeing you back on Thursday 6th September!

The Reception Team


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