Class 5 and Class 6

Our Staff Team :

Teachers : Mr Winch teaches Class 5.  Mrs Alexander and Mrs Gilbert teach Class 6.

Teaching Assistants : Mrs Harvey is our Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Mrs Barrett is our Teaching Assistant.

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Weekly update – 20.07.2018

Well, what a year! We are so pleased with how the children have matured and worked this year. We hope they have some special memories of Year 2 – well done to all of them.

On Monday we will be sending work books home, so can you please make sure your child has a named carrier bag. We will be collecting home reading books and reading logs on the same day, so please send these in too.

On Tuesday children can bring in one board or card game each, to play in the afternoon – no electronic games please.

Thank you for supporting us – it’s been a wonderful year. Enjoy your summer break and we look forward to seeing you back on Thursday 6th September!

Mrs Gilbert, Mrs Alexander, Mrs Barrett, Mrs Harvey and Mr Winch

The Year 2 Team