Classes 9 and 10

Our Staff Team :

Teachers : Mrs Plumb teaches Class 9 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Hickey teaches Thursday and Friday.  Miss Lee teaches Class 10.

Teaching Assistants : Our Higher Level Teaching Assistant is Mrs Dalton-Brockwell who takes classes while teachers have Planning, Preparation and Assessment Time.  Our teaching assistants are Mrs Feveyear and Mrs Murphy.

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Weekly Update – 20.07.2018

We have enjoyed another busy week in Year 4! In computing the children designed and made their own moving robots and models using a blue tooth motor and writing their own code instructions on ipads.

Mrs Plumb’s English group wrote detailed descriptions of classmates and guessed who was being described. Miss Lee’s group have been writing up their magical sporting stories as picture-books.

In maths most children have achieved the Year 4 target of learning all their times tables (and corresponding division facts) by heart. This week some have achieved their final stickers for shields and ‘maths badges’.

The children created Yearbooks full of memories and they have enjoyed writing messages to each other in these.

Please can children remember their PE kits and shin pads on Monday if they signed up for the football option and also all children need to bring carrier bags into school on Monday and Tuesday.

We really hope that the children have enjoyed the past couple of days visiting their new classes in Year 5.

We will be really sad to say goodbye to this year group!

They have been a joy to teach and we wish you all a lovely and safe summer holiday look forward to seeing you back on Thursday 6th September!

Year 4 Team