Classes 9 and 10

Our Staff Team :

Teachers : Mrs Plumb is currently on maternity leave but teaches Class 9 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Mrs Howell is teaching during her absence.  Mrs Hickey teaches Thursday and Friday.  Miss Lee teaches Class 10.

Teaching Assistants : Our Higher Level Teaching Assistant is Mrs Dalton-Brockwell who takes classes while teachers have Planning, Preparation and Assessment Time.  Our Teaching Assistant are Mr Dade, Mrs Feveyear and Mrs Fisk.

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Weekly Update – 11.01.2019

The children are really enjoying our new Geography and Science topic ‘The Polar Regions’; we started this by watching some of the BBC’s Frozen Planet which the children were completely fascinated by. The children have learnt about the climate and key physical features of the Arctic and Antarctic and have researched countries in the Arctic Circle. This week we learned about climate zones around the world. In science we have studied the seven key processes of living things – MRS NERG! See if your child can remember all seven!

In music the children have been learning about the British Composer Edward Elgar and listened to ‘Land of Hope and Glory’. Next week they will continue with learning the recorder. Please make sure that these are in school each Wednesday this term.

In Art we have begun a new topic which focuses on ‘Pop Art’. We have been looking at the work of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Next week we will begin drawing portraits in this style.

The children are having a qualified gymnastic coach on Mondays and they really enjoyed their first session with her. For our outdoor Rugby lesson please make sure your child has a warm outdoor kit and a carrier bag for their muddy trainers. Please ensure that shoulder-length hair or longer is tied up and that earrings are either removed or taped over on PE days. (Only studs please)

Maths homework is to log onto and start using the ‘Times Tables Rock Stars’ website. The best way to access this is through the link on our school website. The school has paid for this membership so there is no need to pay anything further. Each child has been given a log in. Children must have at least 10 goes in the ‘studio’ section to get their baseline speed before proceeding with exploring the rest of the site. The children have been shown what to do in an assembly and in their maths class.

It was lovely to welcome Mrs Howell to the Year 4 team this week. She will be covering the rest of Mrs Plumb’s maternity leave.

Have a lovely weekend.

Year 4 Team