Classes 9 and 10

Our Staff Team :

Teachers : Mrs Plumb teaches Class 9 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mrs Hickey teaches Thursday and Friday.  Miss Lee teaches Class 10.

Teaching Assistants : Our Higher Level Teaching Assistant is Mrs Dalton-Brockwell who takes classes while teachers have Planning, Preparation and Assessment Time.  Our teaching assistants are Mrs Feveyear and Mrs Murphy.

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Weekly Update – 23.03.2018

We had a fun end to this week with Fit Friday and a cycling course set up on the playing field! Thank you for ensuring your children’s bikes were road-worthy and that they had named helmets. Those who were unable to bring bikes in took part in some other fun activities on the playground.

In English this week we have been writing poetry: Kennings, Simile poems and Haikus. Some of these have been written up in best for the classroom wall displays or class book for the library.

In Maths we have been recapping the problem solving and fraction work covered this term. For homework the children will be working on the areas they have told us they feel less sure of to help boost their confidence. Thank you for supporting the children with last week’s maths homework. We are very impressed with the effort the children have put into it.

In History the children have researched Anglo Saxon religions, festivals and beliefs; from Paganism to the arrival of Christianity.
In Music the children used what they have learned about the recorder to compose their own piece of music.
In Art each child has made their own printing block and next week they will create Pop Art style repeated prints. In D.T. next week the children will make pop-up Easter cards.

In Science the children carried out the investigation that they planned last week to test whether a range of materials conducted electricity or not. Next week they will design and make an electrical game. They will also play with each other’s games and evaluate them.
In gymnastics this week the children did conditioning and strength work. They were surprised by how difficult a ‘real’ press-up is to do! Next week they will work in groups to create sequences using the skills they have learned this term.

Re: the slips that came home from Sports Direct Gym regarding ‘Crash Course Swim Lessons’…Please note there was an error on their typed note: these will be taking place during the Easter holidays and the number to call if you are interested is 0161 240 3501 (as printed on the flyer). 

Have a great weekend.
Year 4 Team