Classes 9 and 10

Our Staff Team :

Teachers : Miss Bradburn teaches Class 9 on a Monday with Miss Bridsgeman teaching the class for the remainder of the week.  Mrs Knott teaches Class 10.

Teaching Assistants : Our Higher Level Teaching Assistant is Mrs Dalton-Brockwell who takes classes while teachers have Planning, Preparation and Assessment Time.  Our Teaching Assistants are Miss Allan and Mrs Prew.


For information on our curriculum, please see our Curriculum page.

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Weekly Update – 13.09.2019

The children have had a busy full week back in school.  They enjoyed swimming and are enthusiastically engaged in this term’s new topics.

Next week, in History, the children will be learning why the Romans invaded Britain.  In Music, the children have been learning about the life of Mozart. Next week they will need their recorders to start learning this new skill! Many people prefer to have their own recorder for hygiene reasons however we do have some school recorders which the children can borrow and which we wash between uses.

In Art, they will be learning about Pointillism.  In Science, they will continue to learn about skeletons, specifically comparing those of human and animals.  

The children have been given their Autumn home learning menu.  They can spread out the pieces they choose to complete but four must be completed by Friday, 18th October.  

Mrs. Knott is working a phased return as she builds up the strength in her leg. Meanwhile Miss Bradburn, Mr. Tottie and Mrs. Dalton-Brockwell will be covering some sessions in class 10. This is the plan for next week.

Monday 16th

Tuesday 17th

Wednesday 18th

Thursday 19th

Friday 20th


Mrs Knott

Mrs Knott

Mrs Knott

Miss Bradburn

Miss Bradburn


Mrs Dalton-Brockwell

Mr Tottie

Mrs Dalton-Brockwell

Mrs Knott

Mrs Knott

The weather continues to be unpredictable, so please make sure your child has a coat in case we have a damp playtime when we want to get the children outside for some fresh air and to run around to let off steam.

Have a good weekend

The Y4 Teaching Team