Classes 11 and 12

Our Staff Team :

Teachers : Mr Tottie teaches Class 11 on Monday and Tuesday with Mrs Watson teaching on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (for the Spring Term).  Miss Bridgeman teachers Class 12 Monday-Thursday and Mr Tottie on a Friday.

Teaching Assistants : Our teaching assistants are Mrs Rutter and Mrs Woobey.

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Weekly Update – 11.01.2019

The children have made an excellent start to the new term. They have really enjoyed looking at the work of Gaudi and, next week, will be using one of his sketches to draw their own. In outdoor PE, the children will be learning rugby skills and indoor, will be doing gymnastics. In French, the children have been recapping on food words and will be learning vocabulary related to making a sandwich. In Science, they conducted an investigation to find the best insulating and material and will carry out a further experiment to establish which material is the most absorbent. In RE, the children are learning about parables and will focus on ‘The Lost Sheep.’ In PSHE, we have looked at methods of payment and will look at how to plan a simple budget. In Geography, the children will be looking at the region of Catalonia and locating key features on a map.

Have a lovely weekend

The Year 5 Teaching Team