Classes 11 and 12

Our Staff Team :

Teachers : Mr Crew teaches Class 11.  Miss Bridgeman teaches in Class 12 Monday-Thursday and Mr Tottie on a Friday.

Teaching Assistants : Our teaching assistants are Mrs Rutter, Mrs Woobey, Mrs Fisk and Mrs Morris.

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Weekly Update – 20.07.2018

The children have had yet another busy week. They really enjoyed their sports morning on Monday – thank you to any parents who came to support. The children have also really enjoyed getting to know their teachers for next year during their transition time.

Thank you to Mr Cheason for coming in talk about his career as a tree surgeon, and thanks also to Dr Scovell (James’ Uncle) for Skyping us direct from his lab, which is 1100m underground. The children were equally fascinated by both occupations.

The final two days of term will largely consist of finishing off any outstanding pieces of work as well as tidying and clearing up for the end of the year – including clearing out and cleaning lockers!

Please can you send a carrier bag in on Monday, so that your child can bring home the remainder of their school books from this year. We will be keeping a number of the children’s books and these will be returned at a later date.

On Tuesday, the children may bring in a game from home to play with their peers (please do not send in anything electronic). We may also be showing films in the classrooms, the majority of which will be Cert U; however, should we feature a Cert PG, please let us know if you would rather that your child does not watch this in view of the certification.

If your child has decided to ‘Play on’ with their brass instrument for next year, they should have brought home a pink form today. Please complete this and return it to school before the end of term.

Any medication we hold in school for your child must be collected by an adult on the last day of term: please note we cannot send medication home with your child.

All that remains is to say that we hope you all have a restful, and well-deserved, summer break. We have greatly enjoyed teaching your children this year and wish them all the best as they move on to Year 6.

We look forward to seeing you back on Thursday 6th September.

The Year 5 Teaching Team