Classes 11 and 12

Our Staff Team :

Teachers : Mr Crew teaches Class 11.  Miss Bridgeman teaches in Class 12 Monday-Thursday and Mr Tottie on a Friday.

Teaching Assistants : Our teaching assistants are Mrs Rutter, Mrs Woobey, Mrs Fisk and Mrs Morris.

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Weekly Update – 22.06.2018

The children have really enjoyed Harry Potter week. The week got off to a great start with an amazing trip to the Warner Brothers Studio and the children said that ‘It was even better than they expected!’ For the rest of the week, the children have made rock cakes and chocolate frogs. They have made magic potions and had a game of Quidditch. Today they have enjoyed a day of music and played their instruments at the County Music Festival.

Next week is another busy week. On Monday, Brigadier General Giunchi will speak to the children about his role in the Italian Air Force.The children have some assessments to do in English and Maths. In Science, we will be looking at the life cycle of mammals. In History, the children will be learning about the social structure in Maya culture. In D and T, the children will be designing their own packaging for chocolate.

On Thursday afternoon, Year 5 will be holding their charity stall for My WiSH. Thank you for your help in supplying cakes/sweets/lemonade and for your contributions to the children’s hamper. A polite reminder all cakes & sweets for their stall should be nut free please.

We hope you have a good weekend.

The Year 5 Teaching Team