Classes 13 and 14

Our Staff Team :

Teachers : Miss Woods teaches in class 13 and Mr Brooks in class 14.

Teaching Assistants : Our Higher Level Teaching Assistant is Mrs O’Connell.

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Weekly Update – 29.03.2018

This week has mainly involved reviewing the Mock SATs papers as well as taking a short Science Mock to assess where the children currently are in this respect. The focus has been on identifying any remaining gaps which will feed into much of the planning for the weeks immediately following Easter.
In terms of homework, a reminder that we have already issued the following tasks for completion:
CGP Reading Comprehension (Poetry) – Pp 26-31 (RETURN BY 20.4.18)
CGP Reading Comprehension (Non-Fiction) – Pp 32-41 (BY 20.4.18)
Maths Practice – Pp 64-87 (RETURN by 18.4.18)

The return dates reflect the forthcoming Easter break and allow time either side of this for children who are away for all or part of the holiday. In addition, we have also given the children a ‘Ten for Ten’ Maths Practice booklet (covering arithmetic and reasoning) to provide a regular, but short, maths revision.
After Easter our PE continues on the same days: Tuesday for Outdoor and Wednesday for Indoor. The latter will be led by Hannah Palframan a gymnastic specialist. Just a reminder that for PE long hair needs to be tied back, jewellery covered or removed and a named water bottle available for every lesson.
We have issued new interim reports for each child today, having discussed any changes from the previous report with the children prior to their release. The reports have taken into account both the recent Mock Sats as well as work in class. The Target Levels are merely predictions of end of year levels assuming that current rate of progress is sustained.
You should all have received a pack relating to Eaton Vale yesterday, which includes a Kit List and Medical requirements paperwork. We would be grateful if the relevant forms could be completed and returned as soon as possible

Have a lovely Easter and we look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday 17th April.

The Year Six team